Pathways is all about automating tasks and processes to free up time to invest in your students.

Host Employers

Successful vocational learning and placement programs are all about building strong, long term relationships with your local employers. To achieve this you not only need a great host employer database with company and contact profiles, but relationship management features like activity tracking, flexible tagging, and the ability to attach opportunities and placements so you are building a history over time.


Let Pathways simplify the relationship between host, student, parent/guardian and school.


Pathways includes the most flexible, easy to use and understand document and mail merging system you will ever use. You can have a new template set up in about 30 seconds, and we use vanilla Microsoft Word files for everything.

Generating the mail merges is a few clicks away from any placement, student, host or class. Some common examples include:


  • Student Parents & Guardians

  • Student Address & Contact Details

  • Linked Industry Preferences

  • Student Tags and Segments

  • Student Profile

  • Student Photo

  • Student Courses (VET etc)

  • Student Linked Groups & Classes

  • Student Linked Programs & Services

  • Student Placement History

  • Student Activity Log & Correspondence

  • Student File Library

  • Student Letters and Mail Merges

  • Browse by Industry, Student Tag or Segment

  • LUI, USI, White Card, Blue Card Numbers

Pathways Playground & Test Drive

Access a Test Drive environment for the flavour of Pathways you need for your organisation. We have Pathways Playground trial environments ready to go for Schools, School Clusters/Brokers, School Systems and TAFE.