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Your VET program and Pathways
are destined to be together!

Our personalised, hands-on setup service makes it easy to use Pathways in a best-practice way so you and your fellow educators can lead the way in organised, safe and valuable workplace experiences for students. Let us show you how simple it is to build a great workplace learning program.

Pathways combines all the tools you need in one place to build a successful, sustainable workplace learning program in a single, streamlined software package.

With more than 1 million placements organised so far, we are Australia’s most widely used tool for managing work experience, structured work placement and school-based traineeships and apprenticeships.

84,000 Students Placements so far in in 2019
Help Us Reach 150,000 by Christmas.

Pathways for School Groups

We have a 20 year history helping multi-school coordinators including Partnership Brokers, Placement Brokers, Local Learning and Employment Networks, Industry Links, Catholic School Dioceses and State Governments looking for a multi-school approach.

Pathways for Schools

Pathways has been used to organise placements for thousands of schools. We help VET Coordinators, Industry Liaison Officers, Careers Teachers and Guidance Counsellors manage vocational learning. Learn about Pathways in your school.