2019 NSW Student Placement Record (DET, E-VET & AIS)

We are happy to announce that Pathways now includes the latest NSW Student Placement Record template as provided by the Department of Education and Training. This has most recently been updated in early 2019 with key wording changes.

From 2019 there are are two other SPR documents we see in use by our customers including the AIS specific document, as well as the E-VET document that has in the past been called the “RTO SPR” or similar. These are also available. Get in touch with the helpdesk to request the updated templates in your Pathways.

A popular set of Pathways automations with the NSW SPR include:

  1. Automatic mail merge of fields in the SPR to PDF or Microsoft Word

  2. Bulk mail merge of SPR contracts to PDF for easy printing or distribution for a class or group of students

  3. Sending SPR's by email within Pathways - from a placement you can mail merge, convert to PDF and automatically attach and email an agreement form. The transmission is logged and attached to the placement for easy tracking of a placement history.

  4. Storing signed agreements as an uploaded attachment against the Placement using the Pathways Placement Files tool.

Pathways NSW Student Placement Record SPR