Pathways combines all the tools you need to build a successful, self-sustaining placement program in a single, streamlined software package.

Use Pathways to Manage

  • Work Experience

  • Structured Work Placement

  • School-Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

  • RTO & TAFE at Schools Programs

  • Student Internships

  • Secondary students studying for qualifications being delivered whilst at school

Made for You

Pathways comes in an edition designed for your exact needs:

  • Schools (State, Independent & Catholic)

  • School Groups such as Industry Links and Brokers, TAFE and State Governments

Personalised Setup Service


We personally chaperone you through setting up and understanding how best to use Pathways. This includes:

  • Sharing our experience with having set up hundreds of organisations and best-practice processes

  • Importing of any lists you may already have (host employers, students, teachers)

  • Setting up letter and email and document templates for one-click merge and send

  • Creating Pathways Groups which dramatically simplify managing placements

  • Training you so you are comfortable and confident


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Manage any type of workplace learning experience using Pathways.

  • Simplify the relationship between host, student, parent/guardian and school

  • Automatically generate letters and agreements and paperwork

  • Email or SMS documentation to hosts, students and parents

  • Build invaluable placement histories for both host and student

  • Standardise the process of placement coordination with built in checklists

  • Send mobile friendly Placement Postcards so host, student and parents

Host Employers

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Successful vocational learning and placement programs are all about building strong, long term relationships with your local employers. Setting up a great host record provides the foundation to organising placements and their paperwork easy.

  • Host contacts and supervisors

  • Host addresses and worksites

  • Browse hosts by industry on a map

  • Build host histories

  • Segment your hosts using Tags such as “VIP Employer” or “Christmas Card” etc

  • Generate host letters and agreements with one click



Pathways includes the most flexible, easy to use and understand document and mail merging system you will ever use. You can have a new template ready in 30 seconds, and we use vanilla Microsoft Word files so there is nothing new to learn.

Generating documents is a few clicks away from any placement, student or host .